Centre Stage Theatre Academy

Centre Stage was founded in 2010 by Frankie and Lydia Fitzgerald. We now have four academy locations across Kent and South London as well we many clubs in Primary Schools. 


At Centre Stage we aim to provide the highest level of training to all our students. This involves hard work, discipline and a 110% work ethic from everyone involved. However, being part of our academy will be the most fun and rewarding experience you'll ever have. 


Students at Centre Stage will get the opportunity to learn from our teachers - who having trained at similar establishments and have gone on to perform professionally on stage, in television, film and radio. We want our students to learn and grow with us, eventually moving onto top London schools to continue their studies and become professionals themselves - if this is something they desire.


We aim to provide expert classes in all disciplines of Dance, Drama and Singing and will teach the techniques and skills to put on showcases of an exceptional standard that all students will be proud of. When becoming a performer you will come up against many challenges but we aim to provide a safe environment where we, as professionals, can nurture you and your talent. We believe in individuality and becoming confident enough to express yourself. 


There are four academy locations, all owned and overseen by Frankie and Lydia Fitzgerald. We offer a timetable of three - four classes, Dance, Drama, and Singing, as well our our Little Ones academy for younger students. Our classes cater for students who want to have fun and make some friends, but also for those who wish to develop their skills into a professional career. 


All our students are invited to take part in our showcases. These vary from full scale musicals to smaller intimate acting showcases and local community events. In 6 years we have put on 19 full-scale shows at The Woodville, Gravesend! We know the best place for our students to progress is on the stage, it's hard work for everyone involved but we work hard together as one big family, and pride ourselves on this. 


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